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We’re not just here to plan an event –– we’re here to create a memory. An experience that tells the story of how you got here and where you’re going.


Because we know that organizing a corporate function, designing the end-of-year charity gala, or seeking an off-the-wall party for your special occasion is more than just a menu and decorations. It’s a way to show your guests and loved ones that you care. It’s a culmination of and a way to celebrate the months of hard work, the years of dreaming, and the lifetimes of friendships –– all in one grand moment.


From mind to matter. If you can imagine it, it can be done with the right budget and and strategic planning we work with you on building the event of your dreams.


Success is made by design, not by luck. Our event planning services offered are all rooted in our design process. We bring your vision to life by brainstorming concepts and transforming them into art.

Let’s execute your goal. Using the carefully crafted builds, our production team strategically works to ensure there is no “Instagram vs. Reality” or Pinterest fails. Our goal is to produce an energetic environment that matches the renderings and pictures perfectly. We want you to be proud of the end result, and do everything we can to do that.


Here’s where your idea becomes reality. Our luxury event planning company provides custom fabrication for staging and branding your event. Our team converts your vision into realistic element, that takes your event to the next level.

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We specialize in bringing your visions to life; from mind to matter. Most luxury event planning companies are just here to cross off your checklist. But we’re on a mission to allow you to truly connect your brand with your target consumers, clients, employees, and media through custom, experiential marketing events. We live by the “Purple Cow” theory and thrive off a good audacious design challenge. Consider us your transformation experts for complex spaces.


We offer luxury event design and superior project management for…

-  Corporate events and functions

-  Street Fairs and Festivals

-  Branded Activations

-  Birthday celebrations

-  Galas


AMD is a luxury event planning company created from a passion to connect people, inspire audiences, and elevate experiences through live events and meaningful moments.

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